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See These “Star Trek” Artifacts for The Last Time

U.S.S. Enterprise model

Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds, is closing at MoPOP in May 2018 and starting its new life as a touring exhibition.

Although I’m sad to see one of my favorite exhibits leave, I am glad we’re going to get to share the Trekkie love across the land.

Here are just a few of my favorite artifacts I’m making sure to give a special goodbye.

Join us for the Send Off Party Friday, May 11 at MoPOP.

Khan's Kronos costume at the Star Trek exhibit

Khan Costume as worn by Benedict Cumberbatch

Star Trek Original Series Tricorder

Original Series Tricorder

Star Trek USS Enterprise

U.S.S. Enterprise Model

Deanna Troi costume and communicator

Deanna Troi costume and communicator as worn by Marina Sirtis

Jefferies Tube at the Star Trek exhibit

Interactive Jefferies Tube made bu MoPOP

Star Trek Borg Cube at MoPOP

Model of a Borg Cube

The Gorn at the Star Trek exhibit

The Gorn!

Star Trek set at MoPOP

Model of the original shooting set

Star Trek Bridge at MoPOP

Second star to the right, and straight on til morning.


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