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Fantastic Creatures

Grades K-8

Embark on our Fantastic Creatures Outreach Program!

You can choose between:

Performance element: Join Professor Kris Garfunkle Spark and Professor Alex Danger Maze as they recount their most recent fantasy creature discovery expedition! The professors discovered beloved creatures from movies, books, and  TV, and they need your student’s help to identify them and learn more.  

  • 30-minute presentation we can bring to any size group! 
  • Optional post-performance stage visit for several classrooms. 
  • Ideal for students Grades K-4.

Workshop: Your classroom will become a group of explorers, discovering never-before-found species of fantasy creatures! Taking what we already know about animal biology and habitats, we will use our imagination to create and become unique creatures. Each discovery team will get to study REAL creature specimens to inform their creations.  

  • 60-minute workshop for a group of 30 students maximum.  
  • Ideal for students Grades 3-8

Can’t Look Away: Exploring Societal Fear Through Horror

Grades 9–12 | One Hour

Horror films are designed to incite fear, panic, revulsion, and dread in their audiences. These films often bring to the surface hidden fears, while also giving audience members a sense of relief from strong or repressed emotions. Through horror, we can openly examine our collective fears from the safety of our seats.

In Can’t Look Away: Exploring Societal Fear Through Horror, we’ll be using the horror genre to explore our shared societal fears (prejudice, climate change, death, technology, etc.) through analysis of film props, sound, lighting, and design.

The class will culminate with students creating their own collaborative piece of horror: a photo, 1-sentence story, or 30-second video.

Horror can include intense content and topics, so we’ve designed our workshop to avoid potential triggers. “Triggers” refer to sights, sounds, and experiences that remind them of a former trauma. As we create together, we’re going to avoid content that depicts violence, weapons, and gore.


  • Workshops: $100. If you book more than one workshop at the same location on the same day, consecutive workshops cost $75 each.
  • Performances: $300. If you book more than one performance at the same location on the same day, consecutive performances cost $275 each.
  • Additional costs include an administrative fee of $50 and TBD travel fees.




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