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There’s a killer on the loose. He’s stalking the museum halls. Welcome to the most horrifying party of your life.

At Fashionably Undead, you’ll experience a terrifying night of DJs, drinks, and dangerous fashion. Take part in a costume contest and win killer prizes. Explore the museum’s most haunted spaces with eerie photo ops, art installations, and access to Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film. Dance your fears away surrounded by fellow freaks and find someone new in the crowd. Are they friend or foe? Who knows? Better check behind the mask.

If you think this is a party you can miss, you’re dead wrong.

This event is 21+.

Emerald City Comic Con


Event date  OCTOBER 20, 2018
Event time  9:00PM-1:00AM
Event location  MoPOP

This event has passed.

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  • All weapons, including concealed firearms, are strictly prohibited 



  • The Museum’s galleries have limited space. Backpacks and large bags pose a hazard to artifacts and documents on display. All bags must be smaller than 13” x 12” x 4” inches to be carried into any gallery space



  • Umbrellas may not be carried in gallery spaces. Please check umbrellas at coat check



  • Costumes must fit through a single doorway (less than 85.5-inches tall X 35-inches wide) 
  • Costumes cannot include: pyrotechnics, fire, smoke, steam, fog, helium balloons, et cetera and are subject to MoPOP building policies
  • No nudity, lewd, or offensive costumes 
  • No full or partial body paint in place of clothing 
  • Photo identification may be required for guests with face concealing paint, prosthetics, or masks



  • Functional weapons are strictly prohibited
  • Costume weapons must be inspected at the security station located at the event's entrance and must conform to state and federal law
  • Projectile costume weapons must be rendered inoperable
  • Costume swords must be tied to the costume so that they cannot be drawn
  • Costume weapons will be tagged with a wristband after security's inspection
  • Individuals not willing to have their costume weapons inspected or tagged, or are not willing to comply with the above, will be asked to leave the premises