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MoPOP's Next "Hot Takes Symposium" Set For September 25 With Topics To Include Horror Films, Survival Shows, And Whales (Oh My!)

MoPOP Hot Takes Symposium

Do you have a strong opinion that's a little bit ... spicy?

Maybe you believe bananas and cheese belong together, or perhaps you’ve spent hours extolling the virtue of 2019’s Cats to friends and family. MoPOP has just the place for strong opinions loosely held. We present to you the Hot Takes Symposium: our new(ish) program where fans can convene to discuss and defend their strangest points of view to an indifferent moderator. 

Last time around, in our first-ever Hot Takes Symposium, we touched on a few hot topics ranging from early 2000s fashion styles, Star Trek Klingon design, and why the film Frequency is the best action movie from the year 2000 (yeah, you heard us right, Gladiator). This month, we're switching the topics up but keeping a similar format as our initial program, featuring a POPx presentation (MoPOP's take on a Ted Talk), a PowerPoint Party (we promise it's way more fun than it sounds), and a good old fashioned debate club.

POPx: Why I'll Survive The Whalepocalypse

Local Seattle Drag Queen and purveyor of Hot Takes, Jane Don’t, will be doing a deep dive into the titanic whale propaganda campaign featured in many of our favorite films and shows. Jane hopes to open our third eyes (blowholes?) to the evils of whales, and the dastardly marketing campaign that made them so beloved. 

PowerPoint Party: I Will Survive? Survival of the Kasi  

MoPOPs Public Engagement Producer Kasi Gaarenstroom will be taking a look at some of her favorite slasher films and pondering how she would fare in them. Would she survive a night with Freddy Kreuger? What about camp at Crystal Lake? Tune in to find out if she’s "Final Girl" or "First Kill" material.  

Debate Club: Who Would Survive - The Winner of Alone, OR The Winner of Survivor?

Which survival reality show better preps its winner for survival? Hosted by Andrew Orvedahl, Eliza Skinner, Troy Walker, and Janine Brito, we’ll be putting the rigor of reality TV shows Alone and Survivor to the test to see which one produces survivalists, and which one leaves contestants without a paddle. 

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