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Minecraft: The Skull with Lava Eyes

Today we’re back on the MoPOP Minecraft realm with another kooky creation from museum staff member, Kevin.

Kevin’s made lots of awesome stuff in the realm, but this creation kinda takes the cake.

This skull has everything you could hope for: lava eyes, iron bar teeth, and a spooky cavernous inside. It also gets extra points for being perfectly placed in a cheerful meadow near the edge of town.

I asked Kevin if there was anything people should know about the skull that you couldn’t learn from a still image. He kept his response short and to the point: “Just that it grows zombies inside it in the darkness of the hollowed-out skull.”


I’m totally not having any nightmares tonight.

Whether you make lava skulls or just like to keep teal sheep as pets, all kinds of crafters are welcome to our MINECON Earth Party at MoPOP September 29. Get yer tickets!

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