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MoPOP Mood Music: Wings, Wands, and Wizards

The dragon inside MoPOP's Fantasy exhibition

When I was young, I’d spend hours in my backyard pretending to be inside my very own fantasy tale. Danger and excitement were around every corner. At any point I might meet a fairy who could help me in my quest or be threatened by giants, ogres, or worse.

Fantasy Worlds of Myth and Magic at MoPOP

Dragons, wizards, and secret hideouts were all around—there was no end to the magic I could explore.

Fast forward to the opening of Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic at the museum, and lo and behold, the exhibits team had created a version a real-life version of my pretend world.

If you’ve ever daydreamed of epic quests, this playlist is for you.

Dragon's tail at MoPOP

Fantasy Worlds of Myth and Magic at MoPOP

MoPOP Mood Music

About the author

Adrienne is a writer and editor from Seattle and is MoPOP's Content Wizard (patent pending).