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Explaining Gizmo

Gizmo puppet in Scared to Death at MoPOP

There are a lot of spooky artifacts down in Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film, but not even the most terrifying artifacts get as much attention as our Gizmo puppet from Gremlins.

While it makes sense that people would be excited to see such a beloved character, there’s another reason why little Gizzy is the star of so many Instagrams. Well, just take a look:

Closeup of Gizmo 

Here he is in a beauty shot

Gizmo in Scared to Death at MoPOP

And here he is in the museum.

Although he’s as cuddly as ever, people have been noticing that he looks a little . . . shall we say “surprised?”

Gizmo on display at MoPOP

 Comment on Gizmo at MoPOP

Poor Gizmo does look a little funny, doesn’t he? But the cool backstory behind is that this puppet was used during the sequence when Gizmo drives the toy car over the snow shovel near the end of the film. You can get a great look at our cuddly creature in this clip:

You can visit Gizmo in Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film at MoPOP.

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