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Beyoncé Suit Worn in "Upgrade U" Music Video Now on Display at MoPOP

The Chosen Few and MoPOP co-produce Through the Eyes of Art, an annual Black History Month celebration event that brings together artists, community leaders, politicians, and tastemakers from across the state of Washington to celebrate the Black experience.

This year, Through the Eyes of Art will explore parenting in the Black community through the lens of the millennial caregiver. From Beyoncé ballads dedicated to her daughter Blue Ivy, to hit shows like Black-ish that dive deep into topics that make us laugh and cry, the exploration of parenting through a Black lens has always been both present and powerful in pop culture.

A special livestream event on February 25 will allow us to center the diverse experiences, observations, and approaches that impact and inform how we are raising the next generation and create a safe space for Black parents to dialogue, grieve, laugh, and reflect on the parenting journey.


Beyoncé, one of the most celebrated and iconic musicians of our time — and a millennial parent herself — takes us on this journey, sharing her struggles, joy, and frustrations through her art.

Suit with Replica Faux Fur Collar Worn by Beyoncé in "Upgrade U" Music Video, circa 2007, MoPOP Permanent Collection

Suit with Replica Faux Fur Collar Worn by Beyoncé in "Upgrade U" Music Video, circa 2007, MoPOP Permanent Collection 

In earlier songs like "Upgrade U," Beyoncé makes the point of taking up space as an independent woman full of self-love, pointing out to her man how he can benefit by being with her, not the other way around. Songs like this not only empower her fans but stand as an example to her children. On display now at MoPOP, visitors will see the suit with replica faux fur collar worn by Beyoncé in her "Upgrade U" music video, circa 2007, part of the MoPOP Permanent Collection.

Her music continues to give us glimpses of that powerful sense of self. And, as she delves into her childhood in songs like "Daddy Lessons," her heartfelt anthems "Brown Skin Girl" and "Blue," featuring their daughter Blue Ivy, juxtapose her upbringing with how she and partner, Jay-Z are raising their own children to be independent, empowered, and overflowing with self-love.

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