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MoPOP Mood Music: ECCC, Here I Come!

Transport yourself through time and space with a playlist designed to make you feel like you're already at the Seattle Convention Center.

It's hard to focus on anything even remotely productive when Emerald City Comic Con is right around the corner.

So why fight it?

If you need a little taste of ECCC to hold you over as you fidget in your cubicle, counting down the milliseconds til Thursday, we've got a little treat for you. 

Filled with instrumentals from games like Minecraft, Hollow Knight, and The Last of Us, this soundtrack incites the same jitters of excitement and curiosity we've all experienced while exploring a comic con with fellow pop culture lovers.

So sit back. Close your eyes. And prepare to be transported. Because your ECCC adventure is just a playlist away.



Need something to look forward to? Plan your next visit!


MoPOP Mood Music

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Myron Madden is the content marketing manager (and maestro of mischief) at MoPOP.