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Sam Animatronic Mask From 'Trick 'r Treat' (2007) on Display in MoPOP's 'Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film' Exhibition

Sam Animatronic Mask From 'Trick 'r Treat' (2007)

We may still be a ways away from Halloween, but the horror holiday lives year-round inside the Museum of Pop Culture's Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film exhibition, where spooky artifacts and terrifying monsters from some of the genre's most classic films await MoPOP's bravest visitors.

One recently installed artifact within the gallery comes from 2007's anthology horror Trick 'r Treat, which interweaves its nonlinear stories with a small trick-or-treater named Sam, who's set on enforcing the rules of Halloween. Throughout the film, Sam is seen in a set of orange footie pajamas with a burlap sack over his head.

Sam Animatronic Mask from 'Trick r' Treat' (2007) at MoPOP

But underneath the head covering lies Sam's true form: a demonically-detailed pumpkin head, which you can now see for yourself at MoPOP. The animatronic mask, created by and courtesy of Bill Terezakis and WCT Productions, comes to MoPOP courtesy of Kurt Root.

Plan a visit to MoPOP to see the Sam animatronic mask in all its horrific glory!

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