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Into the Vault: 'Artists for a Hate Free America' Brochure

Be Heard—Vote!

Did you know just a small percentage of our collection is actually on display inside the Museum of Pop Culture? With more than 100,000 objects in our permanent collection, it becomes a little easier to understand why there can't be a place to publicly display each one of our artifacts at the same time. But just because a piece isn't currently on view at our nonprofit museum, doesn't mean it's not important to popular culture. *cue ominous music*

To celebrate 20 years of MoPOP, we're taking visitors Into the Vault in 2020, highlighting artifacts from our broad collection and showcasing their place in popular culture. This month, as part of our Be Heard—Vote! initiative encouraging the act of civic participation, we take a closer look at a brochure from Artists for a Hate Free America (AHFA).

What is it?

Artists for a Hate Free America Voter's Guide from 1996.

Why is it important?

Artists for a Hate Free America was founded in 1993 after a group of American musicians successfully worked together to defeat anti-gay Prop 9 in Oregon. Throughout the 1990s, AHFA used the power of popular culture to encourage young people to vote on the issues that mattered most to them. By sponsoring concerts with some of the biggest musicians at the time (including Pearl Jam, Ice-T, Rage Against the Machine, and Neil Young) producing compilation albums, and publishing brochures like the one seen here, they educated the public on where politicians stood on important issues, upheld the right to free expression, and were vocal opponents of hate in any guise.

Artists for a Hate Free America brochure

(click image to inspect closer)

Artists for a Hate Free America brochure

(click image to inspect closer)

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Into the Vault, Be Heard—Vote!

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Lillian Pulley, MoPOP Staff