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MoPOP's Commitments To Racial Justice

MoPOP's Commitments to Racial Justice

MoPOP stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We are committed to educating ourselves about systemic and structural racism and to becoming an anti-racist organization.

Today, we are announcing our commitments to advancing racial justice in our own workplace. We pledge to:

1. Listen to our community — and especially the BIPOC staff among us — through the establishment of a DEIA advisory committee, affinity groups and new platforms for dialogue.

2. Act on our values by auditing our policies, community partners, and the creators whose voices we center to ensure BIPOC representation.

3. Hold ourselves accountable through a commitment to openness, transparency and continual evaluation of our efforts by outside experts.

In addition, we plan to keep building on conversations of racial injustice to center the voices of our Black and non-Black POC employees and to ensure our internal practices reflect our values.

We fully agree that these solutions are long overdue, and recognize both our platform and responsibility to be stronger, more consistent advocates for racial equity in and outside of the workplace.

We know there is more work to be done to meet our shared goals of being actively anti-racist and we look forward to continued collaboration with our staff, leadership team, board, and the broader MoPOP community as we work to eliminate racial bias and injustice in our organization and live our mission to its fullest.

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