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Check Out Our Curatorial (Mine)Crafting Powers

It’s probably not surprising to learn that we have a lot of Minecraft fans around the museum. In fact, some of us even meet up on a realm regularly to mine, farm, enchant, and accidentally set things on fire.

While we’re all waiting for MINECON Earth to return to MoPOP (on September 29 to be exact, but who’s counting?), we thought we’d share some of our builds!

This library was created by MoPOP Curator Brooks Peck in creative mode. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“The exterior of the library was inspired by a building on the University of Washington campus. And at first my only plan was to build the exterior. But once that was finished I needed something inside, so I picked my favorite kind of public place in the world, a library.”

 Brooks Peck library exterior

Brooks Peck ground floor interior

Brooks Peck library interior

Do you play Minecraft? Which mode is your favorite? Share your builds with us on social media, and we’ll feature them here on the blog!

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