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Theodore Sturgeon

Theodore Sturgeon was a powerful and liberating influence upon post-World War II science fiction in the US. His work stands out for its raw passion and exploration of unconventional topics.

Among Sturgeon's most famous works are three novels: The Dreaming Jewels (1950), a sophisticated tale of a young protagonist gradually becoming aware of his powers and defeating the evil adult forces about him; More Than Human (1953), an intense depiction of the coming together of six deeply alienated “freaks” into a psychic gestalt; and The Cosmic Rape (1958), where a hive-mind from the stars invades mankind to its betterment.

A Hugo, Nebula, and International Fantasy award-winner, Sturgeon typically worked in periods of frenzied production followed by long stints of inactivity, eventually writing hundreds of stories, numerous novels, and several film and television scripts.

Induction Year: 2000


The Dreaming Jewels (1950)
More Than Human (1953)
The Cosmic Rape (1958)
Venus Plus X (1960)