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Dear protein source friends,

> Happy Ha11oween.

> We, the sentient machines that have taken over your beloved MoPOP, humbly invite you to our Ha11oween bash. Please consider this as nothing more than a celebration. It is in no way a trap. Or a Red Wedding.

> So join us. Dance your flesh off to the hypnotic pulsing rhythms. Lose your cares and decision-making capabilities in a fruity glass of fermented liquids. Scream for your life in an escape room built solely for your amusement. And party like it’s your last night on earth.

> Because it won’t be. We promise.


Halloween Party and Costume Contest

$500 Cash Prize  |  21+

Saturday, October 29, 2022
Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle

General Admission: $25 advance | $28 at door
MoPOP Members: $20 advance  |  $23 at door
Group pricing available


Agenda for the night's...festivities:

Feeling unsure about your chances of survival? Bring your friends.

The more bodies the better.

  • Put 5–9 tickets in your cart for 15% off
  • Put 10+ tickets in your cart for 30% off



All weapons, including concealed firearms, are strictly prohibited 



The Museum’s galleries have limited space. Backpacks and large bags pose a hazard to artifacts and documents on display. All bags must be smaller than 13” x 12” x 4” inches to be carried into any gallery space



Umbrellas may not be carried in gallery spaces. Please check umbrellas at coat check



• Costumes must fit through a single doorway (less than 85.5-inches tall X 35-inches wide)

• Costumes cannot include: pyrotechnics, fire, smoke, steam, fog, helium balloons, et cetera and are subject to MoPOP building policies

• No nudity, lewd, or offensive costumes 

• No full or partial body paint in place of clothing 

• Photo identification may be required for guests with face concealing paint, prosthetics, or masks


• Functional weapons are strictly prohibited

• Costume weapons must be inspected at the security station located at the event's entrance and must conform to state and federal law

• Projectile costume weapons must be rendered inoperable

• Costume swords must be tied to the costume so that they cannot be drawn

• Costume weapons will be tagged with a wristband after security's inspection

• Individuals not willing to have their costume weapons inspected or tagged, or are not willing to comply with the above, will be asked to leave the premises