Sound Off!

The Northwest’s premier 21 and under battle of the bands.

  1. Jason McCue snagged first place at Sound Off! 2017 with his inventive lyrics, excellent acoustic technique, and unfailingly melodic sound. As one of his many first place prizes, he will perform at Bumbershoot music festival later this year.

    Photo by Nate Watters. 

  2. Jason McCue snagged first place at Sound Off! 2017 with his inventive lyrics, excellent acoustic technique, and unfailingly melodic sound. As one of his many first place prizes, he will perform at Bumbershoot later this year.

     Photo by Nate Watters.

  3. Winner of Semifinals #3, Falon Sierra's unique sound is a mix of alternative R&B and electric soul. Her winning performance secured her a spot in the Sound Off! Finals on March 11, where she will be joined by Jason McCue (Semifinals #1 winner), The Good Weird (Semifinals #3 winner), and Torpoise (wild card artist selected by MoPOP's Youth Advisory Board).

    Photo by Nate Watters.

  4. The Good Weird brought their weirdly good style of indie rock to the Sky Church stage for Sound Off! 2017 Semifinals #2 and it paid off. The Federal Way trio will advance to Finals on March 11. 

    Photo by Nate Watters.

Now seeking applications for 21 and under bands and solo artists for Sound Off! 2018!


Semifinal rounds will take place Fridays, February 9, 16, and 23, culminating in finals on Saturday, March 3, 2018.

An annual event since 2001, Sound Off! supports the all-ages scene by giving artists an opportunity to showcase original music on a large platform, launch their music careers, and connect with peers, industry leaders, and other members of the artistic community.

Sound Off! has paved the way for some artists including The Lonely Forest, Dyme Def, Sol, Kithkin, Schoolyard Heroes, Tomten, Brite Futures, as well as members of Beat Connection, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, La Luz, Kairos and more. Northwest musicians playing all genres of music are encouraged to submit original material for consideration.

Sound Off! judges, partners, and mentors include major music festivals, journalists, DJs, venues, bookers, alumni, record labels, recording studios, community organizers, and more. Through its partners, Sound Off! has been able to connect artists with bookings at high-profile venues and partnerships across the region such as Bumbershoot, Sasquatch! Music Festival, KEXP, and the Capitol Hill Block Party.

Sound Off! Info + More

  • 2017: Jason McCue, Falon Sierra, Torpoise, The Good Weird, Cult Bride, Fluencie, Mission 253, Girl Teeth, Koga Shabazz, Animals in the Attic, Brotha’ Groove, Nomad
  • 2016: Animal Camera; Copalis; COSMOS; Crews; Dre'zy and Too Smoove; Hello, I'm Sorry; Jazzy Tee; LEE; Paralexis; Paris Alexa; Party Shark; Travis Thompson
  • 2015: One Above Below None, Naked Giants, Emma Lee Toyoda, Bleachbear, Champagne Babylon, Hemlock Lane, Charlie and the Rays, Honcho Poncho, Mystery Machines, Nightspace, Righteous Minds, Super Soaked
  • 2014: Otieno Terry, Fauna Shade, Laser Fox, Thee Samedi, Calico the Band, Tommy Cassidy, Dames, Sophia Duccini, KSneak, Manatee Commune, Nabii Ko$mo, The Onlies
  • 2013: Dave B, SHEBEAR, The Fame Riot, As it Starts, Vervex, Maiah Manser, I for Eye, Mister Mista, Rose, Shogun Barbie, SoccerMom, The Female Fiends
  • 2012: Nude Pop, The Deep Wake, Feet, Special Explosion, Honora, Sam Lachow, Brothers From Another, Cassiopeia, Dungeon Science, The Unibroz, Ulrich, Your Rival
  • 2011: Tomten, Northern Departure, Fit for Hounds, The Oh Wells, Kung Foo Grip, Land of Pines, Ambulance, Electricity and its Double, Kids and Animals, Kithkin, Micah B, The Oh Wells, Young Pacific
  • 2010: Great Waves, Hooves and Beak, Candysound, SEACATS, Pan Pan, Sea Fever, A Cozy Kitchen, Apache Chief, Subtle Like a T-Rex, (Sui-Generis), The Cat From Hue, Us on Roofs
  • 2009: Dyno Jamz, Sol, Dearboy, Makeup Monsters, The Mission Orange, Cyrus Fell Down, Brier Rose, Free City Collective, Kids Get Hit By Buses, Love Trucker, Schoolboy Gutbuster, Razpy & The Vigilantes
  • 2008: New Faces, Nextdoor Neighbors, Man Down Medic, The Dead Are Judged, Southgate, KnowMads, Pat Goodwin, Scribes, Deer City, Kusikia, Shotty, The Batteries
  • 2007: The Globes, Brite Futures, The Army Corps of Architects, Don't Tell Sophie, Halfbreed, The Oregon Donor, Dreamwright, Left At the Castle, Black Swade, The Freetown, Skull bot, Emi Meyer
  • 2006: The Lonely Forest, Ben Rice and The Youth of Blues, Capital Basement, Ballroom Integrity and Grace, Dynamik, The Histrionics, Marquetta Miller, Dyme Def, Get Dressed
  • 2005: Gruff Mummies, The Last Romance, Handshakes, The Sutures (formerly the Neons), Paper or Plastic, Aluzjun, Nameless Danger, The Paramours, Squid vs. Shark
  • 2004: Mon Frere, The Lonely H, Idiot Pilot, Massive Habit, The Mechanical Dolls, Courtney Fortune, Abident
  • 2003: The Split Licks, Schoolyard Heroes, The Hollow Points, Bench Grinder, Royale, The Revelators, Soybomb, Massive Habit, Red Fish Blue Fish
  • 2002: Aaron Richner and the Blues Drivers, Asahi, Magnetic North, k through six, Vespin, Orizon, Steve Koozer, Sub-Motive