Educator Professional Development

Online or on-site, MoPOP provides teachers with the resources they need.

MoPOP offers a biannual Teacher Professional Development Day: Skills for 21st Century Educators as well as K–12 whole staff training specifically tailored to introduce strategies for sparking and supporting student/teacher engagement.

Instruction will address:

  • Multiple learning styles (visual, socio-emotional, tactile, logic-based, kinesthetic, and technological)
  • Effective uses of technology for K-12
  • Arts integration with all subject areas linked to engaging pop culture content and underscoring common core and national standards
  • Community engagement: Partnership professional development in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Visitor Center education team

Write or call to discuss your staff needs and any ideas you may have related to the program. Our growing team of highly experienced teaching artists and professional presenters is here to help you meet your objectives.

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Professional Development Day

MoPOP's Professional Development Day series offers insight into MoPOP's educational resources and programs as well as skill-based workshops designed especially for educators addressing a broad spectrum of student (and teacher) learning styles.

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