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Sound Off! Applications Open Soon

Sound Off! 2025

Applications for MoPOP's 21 and under music showcase open June 24th for its 25th year!

MoPOP’s Sound Off! connects young performers with the tools they need to level up their artistry, grow their skills, and hit the ground running with their careers—and we’re sending out this year’s call for entries.

Sound Off! Applications Open June 24

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Sound Off! participants will perform in 1 of 3 showcases at MoPOP's beautiful Sky Church venue, complete with tech crew, light show, and hordes of screaming fans. Sound good? It is.

Tomorrow’s biggest artists are already grabbing the mic with MoPOP’s Sound Off! Showcase. Will you be one of them? Applications for 2025 open June 24th.

Past Artists: Sound Off! 2024

Brannon Warn-Johnston

Composer and violinist Brannon Warn-Johnston’s music has been performed by professional orchestras including the Seattle Symphony. Often finding inspiration in nature, she loves to go backpacking with her violin. Pianist and cellist Avah Girges has performed at Carnegie Hall and also enjoys hiking. Violinist Julia Yi has performed with the Bellevue Symphony Orchestra and at Carnegie Hall. All three are members of the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Joint Souls

After many years performing in choir and jazz groups, Markus Teuton brought together his own original music and his jazz musician friends to form the soulful septet Joint Souls. With influences ranging from jazz to gospel, the energetic, uplifting music of Joint Souls encourages others to take their troubles in stride and never give up hope.



Elsian, known by his stage name LCN!, is a Filipino indie / bedroom pop artist from Seattle, Washington. Since his musical debut in March of 2023, Elsian has captured the hearts of a global audience with his diverse musical offerings, heartfelt vocals, and self-produced tracks ranging from high energy to slow ballads, all created in the comfort of his bedroom studio.


Lucia Flores-Wiseman

Lucia Flores-Wiseman is a Mexican American singer-songwriter from Maple Valley, Washington. Drawing influence from artists such as Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones, Lucia has been captivating audiences since 2018 with her soulful vocals and emotional blend of indie, folk, and jazz, including sharing the stage with Brandi Carlile. A recent University of Washington graduate, Lucia dedicates her time to expanding her career in music.



miacompactdisk is a solo project by Mia Cole-Daum, a 17-year-old Seattle local. Blending the sounds of indie rock and bedroom pop with singer-songwriter lyricism, she aims to evoke the strong feelings that come along with teenagehood. Mia is passionate about both creating and consuming music and is constantly looking for new ways to experiment with her own sound and compositions.



Rae is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer combining pop sensibility with folk roots to tell intimate stories driven by evocative melodies. Rae learned at a young age to let nature animate her music, expressing themes of love, loss, and renewal through metaphors of the natural world and keeping empathy and self-awareness at the heart of every song.


Mason Derleth

Solo project of writer and producer Mason Derleth, with Wyatt Silva and Oscar Warnersmith joining as a backing band for on-stage performance. Mason’s sound explores a variety of styles from playful to classic, with an emphasis on emotional relatability. Their EP blub is out now, and their first full-length album is currently in production.


Sophia Shoshana

Sophia Shoshana is a 20-year-old performer and songwriter building immersive worlds and stories through her sound design and writing while also dabbling in film, art, animation, and puppet building. Sophia has been writing songs since she was nine years old and experiences the world through her main musical power: her lyrics.


The Rat Utopia Experiment (T.R.U.E.)

The Rat Utopia Experiment, also known as T.R.U.E., is an anarchist American rock band based out of Tacoma, Washington. Formed in June 2022, they dominate the stage as well as their enemies as they defy their contrasting musical tastes to form a sound that’s a tragic clash of metal riffs, emo, nu-metal, and anti-establishment themes. T.R.U.E. have released five singles and are in the process of creating more lore-driven work.


King Zaae

King Zaae, a 2023 Sound Off! Alumni, returns for another year! King Zaae is a 18-year-old Seattle-based artist who makes angsty, vulnerable music taking from variety of music genres. Some of his musical influences are funk-pop, pop-punk, rap, hyper-pop, Midwest emo and R&B. Zaae started making music early 2018, with influences from juice wrld, xxxtentacion, and hi-hop at the time. His early mixtapes like I Hate This Town and debut album Being Sad is a Cliché were made on his iPhone.




London Bridge Studio

Vera Project

Timber Outdoor Music Festival

Juan de Fuca Festival

Special thanks to MoPOP’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) for their continued assistance screening applicants and helping to select performers for Sound Off! programming. YAB’s efforts allow MoPOP to empower youth visionaries by lifting up their peers.

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