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LIVE from inside the museum, it’s MoPOP! We are excited to announce new livestream workshops for the 2020–21 school year. Through discussions and lessons led by our museum educators, students will explore museum content and collaborate on curriculum-linked activities, all in real time.

Learn about The Hero’s Journey and write your own story, investigate science fiction in Building New Worlds, and explore the art of architecture (and MoPOP). Review our current workshops below, and look for new opportunities throughout the year.

Booking and Logistics

Livestream workshops are held using Zoom (or similar platforms) and are scheduled as requested. Workshops are available Monday–Friday starting at 9:30am. 

Most workshops are 60 minutes long, but with advance notice we are happy to do what we can to accommodate your class’s needs.

Schools may access our livestream program in a classroom or other group setting, or allow students to log into the session remotely from their own homes or remote learning locations.

Livestream workshops require access to Wi-Fi and a personal computer with audio and visual capabilities.


In order to provide an interactive experience for our students, livestream workshops serve 15 students per session, though we will do our best to adjust to your unique needs. Please contact us to discuss capacity or other specific logistics for your group.




Due to COVID-19, we’re offering special rates to make our livestream workshops more accessible.

Livestream workshops require a one-time, nonrefundable deposit of $15. Deposits are due at least two weeks ahead of the scheduled workshop and are counted toward the workshop fees.

  • Regular Rate: $75

  • K–12 Schools: $25

  • Title I Schools: $15




For more information or to book a livestream class, please contact the Education Programs Coordinator by completing the form below or calling 206-262-3239.

Livestream Classes 

The Hero's Journey

Embark on a hero’s journey! Using media like Star Wars, Wonder Woman, and beyond, we’ll examine common characters and story elements in heroic stories. Using Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey as our guide, we’ll venture into MoPOP’s Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic exhibition to explore characters, discuss the stages of the hero’s journey, and work together to create our own heroic stories.

(Grades 38)

Building New Worlds: Sci-Fi Story Builder

What can stories like WALL-E and Doctor Who tell us about our own society? We’ll examine what makes science fiction unique, explore some common questions posed by science fiction stories, and seek out inspiration for our own stories in the Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction exhibition!

(Grades 58)

Architecture Tour: Inside Frank Gehry’s MoPOP

Explore one of Seattle’s most unusual buildings in this architecture workshop! We’ll investigate architecture as a form of visual art, explore other Frank Gehry designs, and take a virtual tour through MoPOP’s construction and iconic architectural elements. After the workshop, students will complete their own museum design challenge inspired by MoPOP.

(Grades 5–12)