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Bring your students to LIVE! at MoPOP for an interactive, live performance in MoPOP's own Sky Church!

After the performance students can take a workshop with the performers and explore the museum’s exhibitions and galleries. This program is recommended for students grades 3-12. Here are our upcoming performances for the 2020-2021 school year:

JANUARY 12, 2021

North Wind

North Wind

North Wind uses futuristic technology to create cinematic musical experiences. Using an instrument of his own creation, North Wind manipulates sound in thin air using motions and gestures. With the flick of a wrist, North Wind can conjure sounds ranging from acoustic to electronic. Dynamic visual elements highlight every articulation, creating a truly multisensory experience.

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JUNE 1, 2021

Malicious Vixens

Malicious Vixens

Malicious Vixens is a Seattle-based performance collective that comprise of all Asian-American womxn. Directed by Tracey Wong, the group includes Alyssa Oyadomari, Zahra Masaoka, and Grace Masaoka.Together the group sets new standards of aesthetics and choreography. Striving to embrace femininity, roots, individuality, these womxn seek to inspire other womxn to be unique, uplifting, and unapologetic.

Where their name comes from:

Vixens — Another word for fox or in our respective heritages, it is also known at kitsune or hu li jing. There are many folktales about foxes from our roots and the stories are usually about the female fox being able to overcome adversities, being gentle and delicate, but also fierce and able to protect the ones they love.

Malicious When I used to be a house father in ballroom culture, my name was Malicious Hi Chew. I chose this name because of the contrast of being sweet, but also being able to be able to turn on my ferocity and hold my ground so well during the battles. To us, this word is synonymous to being loud. To combat all the stereotypes that try to bring Asian-Americans and womxn down.

We proudly rep this name because we WANT to breakdown stereotypes of folks associating the words with negative connotations. In fact, a lot of street and club dance culture is breaking stereotypes down. Asian womxn are seen as timid, we are told to hide ourselves and to not make too much noise. This sisterhood is about uplifting one another to unite womxn to celebrate one another, to be loud, unapologetically ourselves, and so fierce. We are also very mindful of our audience and understand how to cater our work to different audiences!


Each group must have the following student to chaperone ratio, and will not be admitted otherwise:

  • 3rd–5th grade: 1 chaperone for every 5 students
  • 6th–8th grade: 1 chaperone for every 7 students
  • 9th–12th grade: 1 chaperone for every 10 students

The workshop is $110 for a class of up to 30 students.


10:00am: Schools arrive

10:00am–10:30am: Check in, find seats in Sky Church

10:30am–11:25am: Performance

11:25am–12:25pm: Audience is free to explore the museum

12:30pm–1:30pm: Workshop for one class


Transportation reimbursement is available to limited number of qualified groups. To be considered please complete the application form three weeks before your scheduled visit and note that you’re applying for LIVE at MoPOP. We give priority to Title 1 schools.


Tickets for students and chaperones are $6 and include free admission to the museum.

Spots are limited! To sign up, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

First and last name.
Your role or position.
Please see the above guidelines for the minimum number of chaperones permitted.
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We’re developing a sign-in process that will differ depending on your arrival plan.
We're planning on creating rotations to accommodate the 200 students/chaperones we'll have in the building that day. This will help us with crowd management.
Payment is due in one lump sum one week before the performance. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a reduced price if some of your students do not attend the day of the performance. All payments are final. We accept credit cards, purchase orders, or school checks.
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Enter the answer to the math problem. Hint: It's a number.

Thanks to our education and outreach program sponsors:

Major support for MoPOP's Tune Up! program provided by:

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This program is additionally supported by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission (“ArtsWA”) and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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