From Landmark to Legacy:

The Museum of Pop Culture Endowment

The Museum opened its groundbreaking, controversial, and now iconic Frank O. Gehry-designed building in 2000. Sixteen years later, MoPOP remains the only museum dedicated to the risk-taking ideas that shape our contemporary popular culture.

At a time of declining arts attendance across the country, MoPOP has grown our engagement year after year. The museum has served more than 7 million visitors and program participants at home and reached more than 8 million more across the globe by reinventing the interactive museum experience.

The museum is now at a tipping point.

By curating a community new to museum experiences and drawn in by the museum’s ability to make the tools of creativity inclusive and available to everyone;

By inspiring an impact through tackling inequality in access to arts learning in this region through its school outreach, teacher training, youth development programming, and performance opportunities;

And by launching a legacy of investing in the innovators of tomorrow through providing the skills and opportunities needed to prepare our region’s youth for careers in creative fields, a sector that by 2018 is projected to rise faster than the American labor force in general;

MoPOP is positioned to establish a foundation that will ignite its future.

Paul Allen and Jody Allen have pledged to match $10 million in charter gifts to the MoPOP Endowment campaign, doubling your impact in the lives of the next generation of culture creators.


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