Robert Silverberg

Prolific author of pulp fiction and prose.

January 15, 1935

Robert Silverberg has authored more than 100 works, both fiction and nonfiction, and edited or co-edited more than 60 anthologies. His productivity is almost superhuman, and his abrupt metamorphosis from a writer of pulp fiction into a compelling prose artist was an accomplishment unparalleled in science fiction.

Silverberg's works include Dying Inside (1972), a brilliant study of a telepath losing his power, the Hugo Award-winning novella “Nightwings” (1969), and the Nebula Award-winning A Time of Changes (1971). Nebulas also went to the stories “Passengers” (1968), about people who temporarily lose control of their bodies to aliens, “Good News from the Vatican” (1970), about the election of the first robot pope, and the novella “Born with the Dead” (1974), about relationships between the living and the beneficiaries of a scientific technique guaranteeing life after death. Silverberg remains one of the most imaginative and versatile writers to have ever been involved with science fiction.

1999 Inductee