Michael Moorcock

Author and editor of New Wave science fiction.

December 18, 1939

Michael Moorcock is an influential editor and prolific author associated with science fiction’s New Wave. His work often features atypical heroes, such as the gender-bending hipster secret agent Jerry Cornelius or the albino, drug-addict sorcerer-king Elric of Meliniboné.

He began writing in the early 1950s, and within a few years was publishing commercial fantasy and working as a professional editor even as a teenager. His first science fiction novel, The Sundered Worlds (1965), introduced his concepts of the “multiverse” and the Eternal Champion protagonist, two devices that would unify his works throughout his career.

In the 1960s Moorcock became editor of New Worlds magazine. His championing of a more literate and humane approach to science fiction soon placed the magazine at the head of the New Wave of science fiction. Among Moorcock's noteworthy science fiction work are the Elric of Meliniboné series (1961–present), the Jerry Cornelius series (1968–2002), Nebula Award-winning Behold the Man (1969), the Oswald Bastable books (1971–1981), the far-future Dancers at the End of Time series (1972–1989), and Mother London (1988).

2002 Inductee