Indie Game Revolution

Indie Game Revolution sponsored by Nintendo presents the most groundbreaking and creative work in contemporary video game culture.

  1. There are just over 3,000 cubes in the main gallery feature— all in sizes 6”x6”x6” and 12”x12”x12” and 18”x18”x18”. The effect of this cubed sculpture, which threads through the entire exhibit, is to transport visitors into a pixelated world of wonder and play. With twenty worlds to explore, the sky’s the limit on what you’ll discover inside this virtual playground!

    Photo by Brady Harvey.

  2. House House presents Push Me Pull You, a videogame about friendship and wrestling. Joined at the waist, players must work in pairs, sharing a single wormlike body and wrestling the other sports-monster for control of the ball.

  3. Samorost 3 combines intricate logic puzzles and surrealistic landscapes and lifeforms to create nine uniquely alien worlds players can journey through—each teeming with colorful creatures, characters, challenges, achievements, and surprises to discover.

  4. Her Story is the new video game from Sam Barlow, creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle. A crime fiction game with non-linear storytelling, Her Story puts players in a detective role as they use a police database full of live-action video footage to solve a missing persons case. It stars Viva Seifert, actress and one half of the band Joe Gideon and the Shark.

  5. Take button mashing to the extreme in this coming-of-age tale about love, hygiene, monsters, and overcoming teenage awkwardness. Co-created by Uvula, Venus Patrol, and Wild Rumpus, Tenya Wanya Teens uses a pair of custom-made 16-button controllers where players must go head-to-head to perform everyday tasks by hitting buttons of corresponding color—except the colors are always changing, producing strange (and sometimes mortifying) results.

Learn how a new breed of gamers are leaving their mark on gaming history at MoPOP’s Indie Game Revolution. Featuring the stories of more than forty independent video game developers, designers, coders, composers, and critics, MoPOP presents a dynamic, immersive space inviting you to witness the present and future of gaming as it unfolds.

Press your finger to the pulse of a revolution with a playable look into twenty rotating titles from around the world, and discover how independent gamers are redefining their industry.

Indie Game Revolution is included with museum admission and is free for MoPOP members.

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Featuring Ian Snyder (Dev, The Floor is Jelly); Ben Esposito (Dev, Donut County); Ty Taylor (Dev, The Bridge); Jake Kazdal, 17-Bit (Dev, GALAK-Z: The Dimensional); Steve Gaynor, Fullbright (Dev, Gone Home); Tracy Fullerton, Director of USC Game Innovation Lab; and Samantha Kalman, Timbre Interactive (Dev, Sentris)

Tracy Fullerton on the Potential of Video Games

Tracy Fullerton, Director of the USC Game Innovation Lab, talks about the potential of video games.

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