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Cory Boersma

American, b. 1986

Thematically complex, esoteric designs articulated with thin, delicate black line work predominate in Cory Boersma’s artwork.

Fascinated by geometric patterns and arcane motifs, Boersma’s tattoo practice is punctuated by meticulous dot work and a predominance of black and grey. Merging natural and mechanical elements, his work is at once organic and methodical, creating finely-detailed, surrealist amalgamations. Boersma began tattooing in Michigan and moved to Washington State in 2013. He now lives and works in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

My process is influenced by the ever-changing ebbs and flow of life. Expressions and emotion mixed with stark contrast. Deep feelings of realness and the ever-curious nature that is self. We are only here for a short time, so do your best and make mistakes!