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Pop+ Hip-Hop

Hip-hop is all around us.

Get a closer look at hip-hop’s evolution, its diverse voices, unique styles and fashions, and influence beyond music. At November’s Pop+, we’ll explore hip-hop’s five elements—DJing, MCing, Breakin’, Graffiti and Knowledge—that gave voice to the voiceless and inspired a new music genre that journeyed from the fringes of American pop culture to its epicenter.

Event date  SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2018
Event time  10:00AM–5:00PM 
Event time  11:00AM & 3:00PM Film
Event location  MoPOP

Free to the Public.

Museum Admission is required for entry to Fresh Dressed screening and Hip-hop gallery guide.

Go to museum admission for 11/18 ▸

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