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Ed Emshwiller

Harlan Ellison is an acclaimed speculative fiction writer who has produced over 1,000 works including short stories, novellas, screenplays, teleplays, and essays as well as literature, film, and television criticism. 

He has contributed to a number of popular television shows including The Outer Limits, Star Trek, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, The Twilight Zone, and Babylon 5. His collections of television criticism, The Glass Teat and The Other Glass Teat are highly regarded. Ellison’s writing is edgy and aggressive and his tone can be both humorous and dark.

His large collection of awards includes 10 Hugo Awards, 3 Nebula Awards, 18 Locus Poll Awards, the Bradbury Award, 6 Bram Stoker Awards, The Edgar Allan Poe Award, and 2 Georges Méliès fantasy film awards.

Induction Year: 2011


Ellison Wonderland (1962)
I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (1967)
Dangerous Visions (ed.) (1967)
“A Boy and His Dog” (1969)
Again, Dangerous Visions (ed.) (1972)
Deathbird Stories (1975)
Angry Candy (1988)
Mefisto in Onyx (1993)


A Boy and His Dog (1975)