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David Bowie portrait artwork


Between 1972 and 1973, as David Bowie was redefining glam rock as the androgynous alien rock star Ziggy Stardust, fellow Londoner Mick Rock was the musician’s official photographer. Bowie told his manager at the time, “Mick sees me the way I see myself.”

Bowie by Mick Rock features 65 large framed prints of Rock’s photographs that capture Bowie’s creativity and charisma, from dressing room shots of his transformation into Ziggy Stardust and live performances to private moments between gigs. “I think David trusted me,” Rock says. “I regarded myself as a guardian of his image, and that’s true to this day.”

The exhibit includes performance footage of Bowie; filmed interviews with Rock talking about directing Bowie's first four music videos; an original exhibit soundtrack; a multimedia film about the era; as well as photos of other music icons like Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Queen, Syd Barrett, and Debbie Harry.

Available 2019 and beyond.

3D Exhibition Walk-through


  • 65 framed photographs
  • 2 exhibit films
  • Original exhibition score

Venue Requirements: 2,000-3,000 square feet; 165-300 linear feet

Participation Fee: Contact for details

Insurance: Hosting institution is responsible for providing a Certificate of Insurance prior to shipping.

Security: Medium

Availability: May 2018



Marketing and promotional templates provided


Organization and Contact

Shawana Lee
(206) 262-3420
Museum of POP Culture (formerly EMP Museum)