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About MoPOP’s Permanent Collection and Online Collections Vault

The MoPOP permanent collection is available to researchers, scholars, and anyone seeking to do more in-depth pop culture-focused research. While we don’t have a dedicated research facility, we are happy to provide access to the collection digitally and can accommodate in-person visits on a case-by-case basis. Please contact with information on your project.

MoPOP preserves pop culture history by collecting and preserving cultural artifacts. The museum accepts object donations on a case-by-case basis. Please send an email to with an image and description of the item(s) you are interested in donating.

Please do not bring item(s) to the museum without making prior arrangements with the MoPOP Collections staff. Item(s) mailed without prior warning or left at the museum may be disposed of or transferred as the museum determines appropriate, without contacting the sender.

MoPOP can provide access to digital versions and image/footage reproduction services of most objects or oral histories in the collection. Permission for use is granted at the sole discretion of MoPOP and where MoPOP is the copyright owner.

Although MoPOP holds copyright to the images themselves, the items featured within may be subject to additional copyright. Requestor is solely responsible for obtaining any additional permissions required for publication related to copyright protections of items requested and provided. MoPOP will make a reasonable effort to connect the requestor with the copyright holder if known.

How to request use or reproductions:

Review the fee schedule.

Complete the inquiry form with the materials of interest and their intended use. All requests are processed in the order they are received. Approximate response periods vary based on the demand and material requested, but someone will reach out to assist with the initial request within two weeks.

Once the request is finalized and approved, MoPOP will provide an invoice and relevant paperwork. The invoice must be paid in full, and the paperwork signed before image(s) or oral histories are released to you. Licensing paperwork will only be completed when MoPOP holds the copyright to the materials.

The images or requested material will be provided digitally. We do not provide paper photocopies.

Outgoing Loans

MoPOP lends permanent collection objects to other nonprofit institutions to promote understanding and appreciation of pop culture. All objects are loaned solely for public exhibition and educational purposes.

Making Loan Requests

Loans are made in response to a written request from the borrower and are subject to a formal loan agreement created by MoPOP. Loan request letters must be submitted at least six months in advance of the exhibition start time.

Loan request letters should be sent to Requests should include a current Facilities Reports for all intended venues. A copy of the borrower’s insurance policy or proof of insurance may be requested.

Loan Fee and Costs

Outgoing loans may be subject to an outgoing loan fee. In addition, the borrower may be subject to paying all associated costs for the loan, including shipping, packing/crating, and courier expenses (this may include airfare, lodging, per diem and ground transportation). Costs of conservation, photography for condition reports, and mounts or framing may also be charged to the borrower. All packing and shipping arrangements must be approved by MoPOP in advance.

If you see an error, have additional information on an object, or if you are the creator or copyright holder and believe our collections database has not properly attributed the work, we want to hear from you. Please contact us at


Navigating the Online Collection

There are a few ways to browse the Online Collection:


On the Collections page, you can browse curated selections from our collection.

Community Favorites

On the Favorites page, you can browse user-created collections. You can add your own favorites to Community Favorites by registering on the site and creating sets that are marked "public".

Quick Search/Advanced Search

Enter keywords or names in the search box (Quick Search) to find objects or other records in our collection. To search on specific criteria, you can use the advanced search to search within certain data fields. You can search using multiple criteria, such as the term "portrait" in the title + a date range of "1800-1900". If you are not getting any results with advanced search, try broadening your search by removing criteria.

Search Tips

  • You can use an * (asterisk) as a wildcard in searches, to match partial terms (e.g. draw* will return results for draw, drawn, drawings, etc.)
  • Use quotation marks to get more exact results - e.g. John Doe will return any results with John or Doe, but "John Doe" will return results with this exact phrase.

Types of Results

There are different types of search results, such as object records and people records. When there is more than one type of result, you can choose different types of records to view.

Grid/List Views

You can view a set of results in an image grid or list view. Use the dropdown to switch between different types of views.

Why is an image shown as not available?

An image may be shown as not available if it is not yet available in our database, or if it cannot be displayed for copyright reasons.

What Are Favorites?

Favorites allows you to create your own sets from the collection objects available on this site. You can share your Favorites with others, or create sets of artworks for your own viewing (Favorites are private by default).

You can optionally add a description for each Favorites set. You can view your collection sets by going to the "Favorites" page and logging into your account.

How Do I Use Favorites?

To use Favorites, you must first register an account. Once you have completed registration, you can start creating Favorites sets and adding artworks to them.

You can add artworks to your sets by clicking on the heart symbol while viewing objects, and selecting which set to add the artwork(s). After selection, you can choose to add all selected works on the page to a Favorite. You can also add the entire result set or all objects on a page.

How Do I Share a Favorite With Someone Else?

If you mark your Favorites set public, this Favorite will be visible to others in the Community Favorites section. The option to mark a set as public is available when you edit your Favorite.

After setting a Favorite set as public, you can also share the link to allow others to view your set.