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Experience the Films of the Future

Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival
We don’t mean to brag, but the films selected for SFFSFF (the Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival) 2024 are seriously special. These intricate pieces of short cinema from around the globe —some of them receiving their world premieres—are poised to carry audiences through every spellbinding twist of the human imagination.

We asked this year’s festival producer, Maddy Szmidt, to share her thoughts on why SFFSFF has become such a beloved institution.

  • What makes Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres a good fit for a film festival?

To me, the real magic of film festivals is being able to experience films with other film fans. I think Sci-Fi and Fantasy are such fruitful genres for this collective adventure into the silver screen, as they are focused on visions of possibilities outside of our reality. Viewing these films communally allows us to connect with others about what our futures could look like! 

  • Are there any key elements the screening committee looks for when narrowing down which films get selected to screen at SFFSFF? 

Yes! I love being able to work with a dedicated group of Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans who screen all our submissions with intention. As we screen, we are looking for a diverse slate of films that represent the breadth of these vast genres, as well as the diversity of our real world both in front of and behind the camera. Originality, innovation, and artistic vision are all priorities as we watch through the submitted films. There are so many amazing works submitted so it’s always difficult to narrow it down to our final selection! 

  • What can folks expect from this year’s films?

We really have such a diverse slate this year that it’s hard to categorize! Our films run the gamut from animated magical love stories to realistic visions of our future to outrageous fantastical comedies. What really ties them together is the innovative approach to genre filmmaking and commitment to world building that is present in all these films.


Fans wait all year for SFFSFF, so grab your tickets today and prepare to experience the future of speculative storytelling and cinematic boundary pushing in one seriously adventure-filled evening.


Saturday, June 1 | Main Showcase, Q&A, Awards
SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Sunday, June 2 | Youth Showcase
SIFF Cinema Uptown




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