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Space to Relax: Your Summer Playlist

Okay, seriously, who said it was allowed to be JUNE already?!? 

However it happened, summer is right around the corner, and thanks to Sound Off! alum Zari Alexandria we’ve got the playlist you need to have the best sunny season ever. 

What kind of tunes are we looking at? Let’s ask Zari: 

 “The vibe is working hard AND hardly working. These songs are what I'll listen to while I get things done and while I'm chilling with the people I love.” 

From Sabrina Carpenter to Rascal Flatts to Djo, this mix of bops, jams, bangers, and windows-down scream-alongs is the perfect accompaniment to every one of your summer shenanigans.  

Zari Alexandria’s Sound of Summer

Be sure to follow Zari Alexandria on Instagram at @zari_alexandria, download her addictive new single Go Back to Bed, and check out her crowd-pumping performance of Gotta Get (Over You) at Sound Off! 2023.  

Want more fresh NW sound? MoPOP’s YouTube channel has years of Sound Off! 21-and-under artist performances to enjoy anytime you like. Dive in, rock out, and find your next favorite song for the summer that’s somehow just about to start.


Don't forget, applications for Sound Off! 2025 open on June 24th!

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