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Art is a Process Not a Product: Sound Off! Alumni Artist Spotlight

A favorite Sound Off! alum returns for another year! King Zaae is an 18-year-old Seattle-based artist whose angsty, vulnerable music draws from a variety of genres including funk-pop, pop-punk, rap, hyper-pop, Midwest emo, and R&B. King Zaae began making music in 2018 and was a crowd favorite at the 2023 Sound Off! showcase.

Keep an eye out for Zaae’s new EP coming this April, and join us Saturday, March 2 to experience King Zaae live on the Sky Church stage in our final Sound Off! 2024 showcase. 

We've been loving your new song "i look so stupid" released in November. Can you tell us how that song came about? 

That song came about because I’ve been recently diving in more doing all my production, and I’m actually really proud of this one cause I came up with the chord progression. It was a song that was meant to feel euphoric and ambient. And also trying to tell a love story, obviously.

What else have you been up to this past year since the 2023 Sound Off!?

I’ve been working on production, refining my sound and brand. My next song “maybe” and my EP coming in April will be self-co-produced alongside BNH Deluxe. To be honest I think it’s gonna be great, very versatile, and good production. 

You were definitely a Sound Off! favorite last year, how does it feel to be participating in Sound Off! for a second time?

It feels great. I wasn’t satisfied with my vocals, and I’ve improved since then so I’m excited to show what I’ve been working on and bring a better vocal performance than last time.

Knowing what Sound Off! is like, is there any wisdom you'd like to share with your fellow Sound Off! performers? 

It’s cliche, but have fun, engage with the crowd, be yourself. I think it’s such a great opportunity to show the city who you are. 

Is there anything coming up for you that you'd like to share with us? 

Next single dropping March 1st, with BNH Deluxe called "Part of me". This song is gonna be alternative pop, and the last song before the ep! Hope y’all enjoy!


Follow along with King Zaae on Instagram: @21zaae

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