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It's MoPOP! It's Movies! It's Movies at MoPOP!

It's MoPOP! It's Movies! It's Movies at MoPOP!
It's MoPOP! It's Movies! It's Movies at MoPOP!

Hi. Good to see you. If you’re ready, let’s get right into some questions.

First Question: What scares you?
Second: What thrills you?
Third: What gets your heart thumping fast?

Oh… wow... Okay, those are great answers. And also perfect because holy cow Movies at MoPOP 2023 has totally got you covered!

This August-December we’re screening five top-notch, blood-pumping, jaw-dropping, quip-landing, day-saving, spine-tingling films in our very own Sound and Vision Theater. For you. For FREE with your regular museum ticket or membership. You’re welcome.

What are we showing? Everything from dark classic THE DESCENT (AKA how many greatest fears can you cram into one movie?) to LAIKA’s latest MISSING LINK (AKA two starry-eyed animated oddballs get everything wrong on their globetrotting quest for home). We’ve got tugged heartstrings and racing pulses, jump scares and best friend high fives. We’ve got:

Missing Link: Movies at MoPOP

MISSING LINK: An eccentric adventurer and a naïve Sasquatch set out on a hope-filled quest to find the one place they might belong in LAIKA’s latest comedy adventure. Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner for Best Animated Feature! (PG -- Aug 19, 2 PM)

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The Mummy: Movies at MoPOP

THE MUMMY: Brendan Fraser (charming adventurer) and Rachel Weisz (proud librarian) battle a cursed mummy intent on resurrecting his long-lost love no matter the cost in this swashbuckling 1999 comedy adventure. (PG-13 -- Sept 16, 2 PM)

Enter the Tomb ▸

ParaNorman: Movies at MoPOP

PARANORMAN: An outsider at school and weirdo to his family, Norman Babcock is happiest just chatting with the dead. But when a centuries-old curse strikes town from beyond the grave, Norman is forced to dig into his powers and make friends fast as he fights to keep his world—and his future—in the hands of the living. Groundbreaking 2012 stop-motion by LAIKA Studios! (PG – Oct 14, 2 PM)

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The Descent: Movies at MoPOP

THE DESCENT: Six friends enter a cave system in rural Appalachia, but how many will return from the depths? Exploiting more fears than you can shake a broken flashlight at, this 2005 horror adventure is a chilling roller-coaster with enough twists up its sleeve to leave audiences gasping in between every scream. (R – Oct 21, 2 PM)

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Jumanji: Movies at MoPOP

JUMANJI: Return to the game of a lifetime with the beloved 1995 Robin Williams classic based on the beloved book. Siblings Judy & Peter are just trying to enjoy a quiet afternoon board game when they unleash the chaos of the jungle across their fancy new home. Will they clear things up before their parents get back? That’s not so easy when there are lions on the stairs… (PG-13 – Dec 16, 2 PM)

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But wait, there’s more! Attend any movie and you’ll get a stamp in your MoPOP Movie Passport. Come to all five and your completed passport automatically enters you in a drawing for fabulous prizes.

Not a member yet but thinking of seeing more than one of these films? This is literally the best time to sign up. Free movies added to all the other member perks? Hello and perfect and yes let’s go.

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Okay, awesome, I think we got it. Thanks so much for your time!

Actually one more question, just real quick: Maybe we’ve been watching too many movies, but… what is that over your shoulder?

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