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Sundust Performs "will it be ok" and "until the sunrise" at MoPOP Sound Off! 2021

Sundust at MoPOP Sound Off! 2021
Sundust performs at MoPOP Sound Off! 2021 (Nate Watters)

Watch Sundust perform "will it be ok" and "until the sunrise" at Sound Off! 2021, the Museum of Pop Culture's premier 21-and-under music showcase featuring artists from across the Pacific Northwest.

Rooted in Seattle, electronic duo Sundust combines the intensity of dance music and the melodicism of orchestral music to create new, yet accessible sonic landscapes. Building upon danceable beats, Xander Johns and Sam Clement lay down dazzling synth lines with bright bursts of saxophone and vocal melodies into songs that are impossible not to move to.

"will it be ok"

"until the sunrise"


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