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'It's Coming From Inside the House!' Season Finale: Watch '28 Weeks Later' With MoPOP!

'It's Coming From Inside the House!' Season Finale: Watch '28 Weeks Later' With MoPOP!

We’re wrapping up season one of It's Coming From Inside the House!, our monthly horror film watchalong series, with a film selected by fans on social media. We asked our community to suggest horror films that best summed up the mood of 2020, and 28 Weeks Laterthe follow-up to Danny Boyle’s zombie hit 28 Days Later, perfectly encapsulates the strangeness of life under quarantine and the threat of a re-emergent virus.

Here’s a handful of program elements that you can expect to see when we start to celebrate 28 Weeks Later at 7 p.m. PT on Friday, November 20:

  • Pre-film introduction with Robert Rutherford, MoPOP's Manager of Public Engagement, and Kasi Gaarenstroom, Movies at MoPOP producer.
  • Cheap-as-heck quarantine cosplay
    • Here’s some inspiration to get you set up with the most important “rage-infected” symptom: the red, red eyes.
  • Cocktails and mocktail recommendations
    • Cocktail pairing: We know from plenty of zombie genre lore that the good ol’ Molotov Cocktail is effective at stopping a horde and starting a party
    • Mocktail pairing: Since our pals the French get a special moment in 28 Weeks Later, we’re saluting them with this non-alcoholic recipe of the classic French 75
  • Chat with Robert, Kasi, and other fans during the film
  • Post-film discussion AND announcing which films have been voted on for inclusion on our list of 100+ Horror Films to See Before You Die! (see more information below on how you can vote!)

If you happen to own a copy of the film, get it queued up at 7 p.m. PT on Friday, November 20! Otherwise, here's where you can find 28 Weeks Later online: 

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