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I.C.Y.M.I.: Starstruck Dave Grohl Meets 10-Year-Old Drummer Nandi Bushell

Dave Grohl meets Nandi Bushell over video call

Greetings, fellow pop culture aficionados, and welcome to week 40 of our I.C.Y.M.I. (In Case You Missed It) blog series, where we recap a handful of trending tidbits from the past week(s) in popular culture, in case you missed them.

Last week, we led this space with a timely "Mean Tweets" segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live. This week, we start by sharing a sweet moment between two rock stars. Read on!

Dave Grohl Meets Nandi Bushell

"I get to meet a rock star!" and "I feel like I'm meeting a Beatle!" were among the first excited phrases out of Dave Grohl during a recent video chat with 10-year-old drummer Nandi Bushell, who the former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters front man has been musically sparring against (virtually, of course) in recent months. 

"Hello Mr. Grohl, it's amazing to meet you," a smiling Bushell beams back.

Bushell's musicianship has captivated the masses this past year, with her talents on the drums in particular landing her a YouTube following of more than 214K. She's flawlessly covered songs from several prominent musicians, including Grohl, who during their meeting expressed interest in taking lessons from Bushell because he'll "never be as good" as her. 

"Practice, practice, practice," was Bushell's sound advice. 

Toward the end of the nearly 11-minute chat, embedded above, Grohl invites Bushell to play drums alongside him on stage the next time the Foo Fighters come to the U.K., where Bushell resides.

"But it has to be at the end of the set, because you’re gonna steal the show," Grohl says. "It can’t be at the beginning of the set, because if you come out first, it’s just all downhill from there.”

Bushell enthusiastically accepts, but Grohl takes his offer further by suggesting the pair make a song together. 

"I'll play drums!" Bushell says, to which Grohl offers no retort and says, "I'll play some guitar, you play bass, you play drums, and then we can both sing it together."

We can't wait to see it happen.

The 2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Depeche Mode, The Doobie Brothers, Whitney Houston, Nine Inch Nails, The Notorious B.I.G., T-Rex, Jon Landau, and Irving Azoff make up this year's inductees to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which celebrated its Class of 2020 this past weekend with an online induction ceremony. 

The special, which you can stream on HBO Max, included a lengthy virtual red carpet show with a mix of live and pre-recorded interviews from inductees and special guests. Full event highlights can be found on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's YouTube channel, or at

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