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George R. R. Martin on the Architect and the Gardener

George R. R. Martin

“I always knew they were summer snows. Why did I know that? But I knew that right from the beginning.”

Author George R. R. Martin took his place among the Fantasy greats when he began his epic series A Song of Ice and Fire — often referred to by the first book’s title, A Game of Thrones thanks to the HBO television adaptation of the same name.

In this MoPOP oral history clip, Martin talks about growing up in New Jersey and how it helped shape the fantasy worlds he creates. It’s clear that his imagination had a leaning toward the fantastical from an early age.

But what really struck me is Martin’s philosophy on the two types of writers and how they differ in approaching the work. In classic Martin fashion, he fills this simple concept with so much poetic imagery it’s almost like listening to a parable.

What type of writing do you gravitate toward? Do you just do one or a combination? Does it depend on the story?

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