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Minecraft: Welcome to Poppy Hill

We’re kicking our crafting into overdrive now that tickets are on sale for MINECON Earth at MoPOP.

Today we’re going to look at the MoPOP realm. Well, one of them. We have two. One’s for lunch. I mean, not to eat. We don’t eat the realm. Stop trying to eat our realm. I meant MoPOP has two realms, one of which we play during lunch.


On the MoPOP realm we’ve worked together and separately to create a magical, colorful, super random world with places like Poppy Hill. Poppy Hill is near the Easterly edge of the original spawn area, which I like to think of as downtown. It’s just up the hill from the McDonalds (yes, we have one), and it’s, well, it’s my little creation actually (emoji blush).

When I first spawned into the realm there were already a lot of large, stone structures, and I didn’t to simple repeat what my friends had done. So I decided to go up a hill and make a simple, wooden home and a big farm where I could grow crops to share. And maybe a little surprise or two.

The view of Poppy Hill from the farm.

The farm... I need to plant more soon!

Here are my chickens.

We keep it real basic at Poppy Hill.

The only fancy thing in my house is this secret underground pool.

I choose a hill for my cabin so that I could get this view from my roof.

There's nothing like a Minecraft sunset.

MINECON Earth comes to MoPOP September 29. Get ur tickets right here.

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