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A princess in an opulent gown. An old crone in a threadbare hooded cloak. A trusty sidekick in a jaunty hat. These simple images are rich with meaning and tell us about a character (are they a hero or a villain?), setting (a medieval castle or a modern café?), and narrative. Costuming is an integral — yet often unexamined — element of storytelling

The Museum of Pop Culture is excited to announce Heroes and Villains: The Art of the Disney Costume, a new exhibition opening Spring 2021 that immerses visitors into the world of Disney, illustrating how our understanding of its iconic characters is shaped through the artistry and creativity of its costumes.

Using more than 70 original pieces, including ball gowns, sorcerers’ capes, military uniforms, tiaras, and of course glass slippers, the exhibition explores the vision, process, and craft used to create the costumes worn by some of the biggest names in entertainment. Heroes and Villains features costumes from some of Disney’s toughest villains and kindest heroes, many on custom mannequins, as well as films and photographs.

Stay tuned as more sartorial excitement is unveiled!


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