Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame Exhibition

Showcasing lasting impact through artifacts and histories.

  1. Don't let his fuzzy exterior fool you. This teddy bear is a fully-responsive super toy that befriends a young A.I in Stephen Spielberg's A. I. Artificial Intelligence (2010).

    Photo by Nat Seymour.

  2. The Hall of Fame currently hosts 108 inductees ranging from genre founders Mary Shelley and Georges Méliès to current innovators like Guillermo del Toro and Rumiko Takahashi, and recently welcomed notable creations such as Star Trek and Wonder Woman.

    Photo by Anita Woo.

  3. Although archaeologist Indiana Jones is often at the center of daring adventures, he has never lost his hat. This decision was made by director Stephen Spielberg as a homage to the heroes of classic serials in the 1940s.

    Photo by Anita Woo.

Explore the lives and legacies of the genre’s greatest in this new exhibition commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame honors science fiction and fantasy’s leading creators and has expanded eligibility this year to recognize the genre’s most impactful creations. In honor of the milestone anniversary, MoPOP will induct 20 new creators and creations in addition to its 2016 regular inductees: Star Trek, Blade Runner, and authors Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams.

The new Hall of Fame exhibition invites visitors to explore the lives and legacies of the current 108 inductees through interpretive films, interactive kiosks, and more than 30 artifacts, including Luke Skywalker’s severed hand from George Lucas’ The Empire Strikes Back, the Staff of Ra headpiece from Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, author Isaac Asimov’s typewriter, and the “Right Hand of Doom” from Guillermo del Toro’s film Hellboy.

Founded in 1996, the Hall of Fame was relocated from the Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas to its permanent home at MoPOP in 2004. The final inductees are nominated by the public, and chosen by a panel of award-winning science fiction and fantasy authors, artists, editors, publishers, and film professionals.