Write Out of This World

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Story Contest.

Journey to other worlds and explore your wildest imaginations through MoPOP’s sci-fi and fantasy short story contest. Write Out of This World: Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Contest encourages young writers and provides an outlet for their creativity. 

About the Program

Submissions are judged by a panel of experts including MoPOP curators, professional writers, and Seattle community leaders. Submissions must be 200-2,000 words long and be in the sci-fi and/or fantasy genres. Winners for first, second, and third place will be awarded by grade level in the following categories: 3rd–5th6th–8th, and 9th–12th.

Contest winners are invited to participate in workshops with Jack Straw Cultural Centers’ experienced team of arts professionals. Prize package includes a workshop on writing and editing, vocal coaching, a recording session to produce an audio version of their winning entry, museum family membership for one year, sponsored prizes, and an opportunity to read excerpts from their story in MoPOP’s Sky Church during an awards ceremony held in May.

2017 Contest Winners 


1st Place: "In the Heart of Zeena" by Della Abler
2nd Place: "Feelings" by Oliver Ahrens-Siegel
3rd Place: "Waves" by Charlotte Durham


1st Place: "The Legend of Raan" by Alex Olson 
2nd Place: "Moorhen" by Kate Okerstrom
3rd Place: "DING" by Glenn Crum


1st Place: "Come Fly With Me" by Aidan Linder
2nd Place: "And the Stars Sang" by Trinity Hunter
3rd Place: "The Last Interrogation" by Dakota Li

Write Out of This World is presented in partnership with Jack Straw Cultural Center.

MoPOP would like to thank the following organization for their generous support of Write Out Of This World: