Seattle Mini Maker Faire

See. Make. Break. Share. Repeat.

  1. Maker Faire is an interactive and educational platform for makers of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re interested in robotics or crafting, this DIY festival is filled with tons of hands-on family-friendly activities.

    The whole family can get into the maker spirit with a variety of demonstrations and interactive projects.

    Photo by Brady Harvey.

  2. Maker Faire combines the spirit of a science fair, country fair, and the DIY movement into the greatest show (and tell) on earth.

    Makers pose with Predicta PC’s up-stored, up-graded, and restored Philco Predicta TVs. Made fully functional with Windows PCs, this installation paid tribute to lost music icons Prince, David Bowie, and Lou Reed.

    Photo by Nat Seymour (Be Technical Graphics).

  3. What is the maker movement?

    Comprised of tech enthusiasts, crafters, homesteaders, scientists, and garage tinkerers of all ages and backgrounds, this grassroots innovation focuses on the creation of DIY technology. Maker culture is interested in hands-on projects ranging from engineering to craft-based pursuits. With an emphasis on practical skills, the maker movement inspires rugged individualism and learning through doing.

    Photo by Nat Seymour (Be Technical Graphics).

Maker Faire, hailed as the "Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth," is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness—and a celebration of the maker movement: people not just hungry to talk about the next big thing, but to make it!

Try out the latest, greatest inventions by over 120 makers from across the region at a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness–and a celebration of the maker movement: people not just hungry to talk about the next big thing, but to make it!

Over the course of the weekend, guests are invited to get their hands dirty and try out amazing projects through exhibits, hands-on activities, demonstrations, performances, and talks that blend art, engineering, science, and technology. It’s a vibrant gathering of innovative minds, and the perfect opportunity to learn as well as share!

All Seattle Mini Maker Faire ticket buyers will also be offered a special discount for general admission to MoPOP which includes access to World of WearableArt™, Indie Game Revolution, Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic, and more.

Art and Engineering Projects // Hands-On Workshops & Builds // 3D Printers and Laser Cutters // Autonomation // Bikes and Cars // Biology and Science // Coding // Gaming // Music and Instruments // Textile Arts, Crafts, and Handmade Goods // Makerspaces // Pop Culture Geeky Projects // Recycled and Upcycled Projects // Robotics // Start-Ups, Hackers, and Tech // Sustainable // Wearable Art // Youth Makers and Schools // AND SO MUCH MORE!

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Featured Performers + Presenters

Aspire Tech Bus


Death Star 2000

Lace: The Fiber Frontier

Mario the Magician

Predicta PC: The Up-Storation of An Iconic Classic TV to a PC

Soldering Station

The Walking Beast

3D Selfie Mobile Makerspace   /   Ada's Technical Books & Café   /   ArtLab   /   Axosafe   /   BB-8 Droid   /   BEAM Experiences: LEGO Robotics   /   Big Brains Play with Electricity   /   Bitsbox   /   Bridging the Gap Between Old and New   /   Bristlbot   /   Buddyville   /   Build Imagine Grow at The Evergreen School   /   Cardboard City Builds   /   Citizen Science   /   Cosmetic Chemistry for Kids   /   Coyote Central + Seattle Robotic Arts   /   Cypress   /   Daleks of Seattle   /   Design, Make, and Race 3D CNC Machined Pinewood Derby Cards Live!   /   Designing with Hololense for 3D Printing   /   The Destiny Box   /   DigiPen Institute of Technology   /   Elcano Project   /   Electronic Looking Glass - !CE    /   Epilog Laser   /   FIRST Robotics Team 2930, Sonic Squirrels Stronghold Robot   /   Flying Heritage Collection   /   Folded Flight   /   Fort Boards Custom Fort Building Kits   /   foundry10   /   The Foundry, Bellingham's Makerspace   /   FRC Team 4911 CyberKnights   /   From Thought to Bot   /   Glowforge   /   Granite Falls High School Eco Cars   /   Hackerboat   /   Hands 4 Building   /   High Fives on the Ground, Photos in the Sky   /   Hitting the Sweet Spot in Urban Transport: Frankentrikes   /   HiveBio Community Lab   /   Homemade Dance Game Controller Pads   /   Hover Cart   /   Ideas to Matter: 3D Printing Booth   /   Ill Gotten Games: Taking Print and Play to a New Dimension   /   Ingraham High School   /   Instruments of Imagination   /   IntelliNinja Devices   /   Interactive Urban Arts and 3D Printing   /   Introduction to Multirotors (a.k.a. Drones)   /   K-9 from Doctor Who   /   K12 Uniquely Brilliant   /   Kids’ Carpentry   /   Kids Kite Making   /   Kilowalk   /   Kindergarten STEAM Flower and Bug Garden   /   Kinetic Chronomotron   /   Kraken Trike   /   Lace: The Fiber Froniter   /   Lake Washington Institute of Technology   /   Let's Make Rockets   /   Lightning Blades   /   Living Computer Museum   /   Make Music with Any Sound: swood.exe   /   Making Muggle Magic   /   Master Builders Racing Presents: The Power Racing Series and the MB4/4   /   MazeVR   /   Mechanically Oscillated Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation (MO+LASER)   /   Model Warship Combat   /   Mugsy v2   /   Music Machines   /   Neurobot 2.0   /   Non-Tipping Sailboat   /   Novel Effect   /   Online Metals   /   Original-Pin by DigiPointe LaserWorks   /   Phi Sound Lab Digital Drum Circle and LovTag Game   /   Pop-Up (AR)t   /   PopUp Arcade + Friends!   /   Pratt Fine Arts Center: Blacksmithing, Glassblowing, and Woodworking Demos   /   Product Innovations and Lipless! Mouth Game   /   Racing with the Sun   /  Rainworks: Rain-Activated Art!   /   Reclining Figure   /   Recycle Buddy   /   Redacting the Skyline   /   Reuse Arcade & Crafting Station   /   Robiis: Robot Games for Girls and Boys!   /   Robot Roundabout Birthday Bots   /   Robotic Arm in Biotechnology   /   Robotic Artists: Showcasing Low-Cost Automation Components   /   Schlem's 3D Printed Photography   /   Scrapblasters Upcycled Artworks   /   Seattle Attic Community Workshop   /   Seattle CoderDojo   /   SeeEm Rig: A DIY Programmable Digital Imaging Rig   /   Skunk Works Robotics   /   Snohomish County Makers Group   /   SoDo Makerspace   /   Space Oddity: The Art+Tech+Trash Escape Game!   /   Take Back Your Email and Bring It Home   /   Totally Tubular Track   /   Traditionally Made: Moxie & Oliver Handmade Leather Goods   /   UW’s DIY Underwater Science and Exploration   /   VR / DIY Maker Dome   /   Wireless Power Projects

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Dates + Times

September 17–18, 2016



Museum of Pop Culture and Seattle Center's Next 50 Plaza

Committee + Partners

Seattle Mini Maker Faire would not be possible without the incredible community of innovators and makers from across the region. Additionally, Seattle Mini Maker Faire has a large team of advisors, committee members, and collaborators including current and past representatives from:

4Culture, ARCADE Northwest, Brown Paper Tickets, ChickTech, DigiPen Institute of Technology, Dorkbot Seattle, Fab Lab Tacoma, Flying Heritage Collection, Foundry10, Geek Girl Carrots, Glowforge, HiveBio Community Lab, International Gaming Association, Jigsaw Renaissance, Jordan T Adams Events : Creative, King County Library System, Lakeside School, Living Computer Museum, Lost Lake Technology, LLC, Metrix Create:Space, Museum of Flight, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, Online Metals, Open Beam, Pacific Science Center, Penny University, Pierce County Libraries, Pratt Fine Arts Center, Makerfest, Seattle App Academy, Seattle Attic Community Workshop, Seattle Interactive Conference, Seattle Made/Seattle Good Business Network, Seattle Public Library, Seattle Public Schools, SODO Makerspace: Seattle Fab Lab, Seattle ReCreative, Start-Up Weekend, Taya Sol, The Boeing Company, The Children's Museum, The Foundry Bellingham, Third Place Technologies, UW Division of Design, UW Ecoclimate Lab, UW Human Powered Submarine Team, Washington State Science & Engineering Fair, Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium, and all Seattle Mini Maker Faire exhibitors!


Seattle Mini Maker Faire is independently organized and operated under license from Maker Media, Inc.

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