Mmmm, after generations of nothing on the market to satisfy the palette when that craving for tiny air pockets of carbonation hit, thankfully in 1975, the world’s void was filled with the introduction of Pop Rocks.

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General Foods Scientist William A. Mitchell spent years perfecting the gastronomical anomalies of nature he created in 1956 before releasing his findings to the Pop Rock-hungry masses. While no sound could ever successfully replicate the crackling of a Pop Rock popping, the pop-pop-pop effect actually sent fear through much of the US. In response to the apprehension, the FDA launched a Pop Rocks hotline to assure parents that the pop stars wouldn’t annihilate their offspring. Sadly, even the most  well-versed operator could not dispel the mighty urban myth, and rumors of “exploding kids” prevailed when word spread that mixing the candy-air with soda was a recipe for death.

Pop Rocks

  • Created by: William A. Mitchell/General Foods
  • Creation Date: 1956/1975
  • Cool: