Indie Game Revolution

Get in the game.

Get in the Game!

Are you ready to join the indie game revolution? Everyone has the opportunity to get involved. Even you.


  • Play the video games Indie Game Revolution and others at home on your own device.
  • Revisit old favorites from childhood and think about what makes them great.
  • Return to the Indie Game Revolution exhibition and check out what new games are available.
  • Many console marketplaces (Nintendo eShop, Playstation Network, and Xbox Games Store) and digital distribution platforms (Steam, Desura,, Humble Store) have a selection of indie games to explore. Watch a game trailer or check out a trial/demo version.
  • Purchase a Humble Bundle pack of computer games. It’s a fun and affordable way to name your own price and experience a variety of games the indie world has to offer. Part of the money you pay will go to game developers and a portion will also go to the charity of your choice. Everybody wins.
  • Discover fun, free, casual games on Nitrome, Forest Ambassador, and Newgrounds.


Gaming websites and blogs are a wonderful place to read game reviews and keep up with industry news. Check out some of these featured sources:

And there’s still plenty of reading material to get a great introduction off the web, too. Some featured books:



Attend a convention, such as:


Join a larger network by getting familiar with other game spaces and events, such as:


Enroll at a game-focused educational institution such as the DigiPen Institute of Technology.



All over the world, people are coming together to exchange the latest in gaming innovations. Find your gaming community with some of these outlets:

  • Join Game Sprout to practice your skills and collaborate with others to make your idea a reality.
  • Check out online forums like Steam Greenlight. You can upload your work, get feedback, and give it to other game creators.
  • Get together with other coders at local Meet-Up groups.
  • Volunteer to help organize indie gaming events or mentor others looking to get in the game.

Diversity Initiatives

The face of game players is changing, and the same is true of developers making the games! Historically underrepresented groups like women, people of color, and the LGBTQIA community can find welcoming communities and resources at the following links:

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