Sky Church

MoPOP's mammoth indoor HD LED screen and a top-notch space in which to celebrate music.

  1. MoPOP celebrated the opening of AC/DC: Australia's Family Jewels with a headbangin' performance by Hell's Belles in Sky Church, where the all-female tribute band made up of Mandy Reed (bass guitar), Adrian Conner (lead guitar), Lisa Brisbois (rhythm guitar), Laura D (drums), and Australian-born Amber Saxon (Vocals), delivered one of the world’s hardest-rocking bands in sound and spirit.

    Pictured: Hell's Belles performing in Sky Church for the opening night of AC/DC: Australia's Family Jewels.

    Photo by Brady Harvey.

  2. A look at Sky Church from the third floor of the museum.

    Photo by Nat Seymour of Be Technical Graphics.

  3. Sky Church during Vibrations, an artistic short film.

    Photo by Brady Harvey.

A concert venue capable of holding up to 800 guests, Sky Church boasts 70-foot ceilings, state-of-the-art sound and lighting, and a mammoth indoor HD LED screen.

Inspired by a term Jimi Hendrix used to describe a place where people of all ages and cultures could come to collectively celebrate musical experiences, Sky Church sits at the heart of MoPOP where it acts as a performance space, cinema, and dance hall for various events hosted by the museum throughout the year.