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Practical Magic is a romantic comedy meets fantasy movie, based upon the novel “Practical Magic” by Alice Hoffman. The story follows Sally and Gillian, sisters born into a magical family, who are vehemently opposed to practicing any witchcraft of their own. However, when Gillian’s ruthless boyfriend suddenly dies, the sisters’ self-restraint completely diminishes as they give themselves a crash course in hard magic to resurrect the boyfriend. As you can imagine misadventures quickly ensued till the end.


Here are some other fun facts about the movie we think you’ll enjoy:

  • Sandra Bullock happily accepted the role after deciding to shift her focus from blockbuster hits to more interesting projects after Speed 2 bombed at the box office
  • Barbara Streisand wanted to buy the Victorian mansion that the sisters lived in
  • A real witch consulted on the early production of the film, but after her demands weren’t met she cursed both the director and the movie
  • The small-town scenes were filmed in the seaside port town, Coupeville, located on the south side of on Whidbey Island
  • Local citizens were not exactly pleased with the production as vehicles took away from available parking for locals, city improvement projects were put on hold and certain streets were closed making it hard for patrons to reach them
  • Critics didn’t like the film calling it “too scary” for child’s and “too immature” for adults


Practical Magic gave us Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock at the height of their 1990s acting careers as well as introduced us to up and coming child star Evan Rachel Wood.

The film is littered with dark undertones, it takes special care to weave in the importance of family, sisterhood, and community and that’s one of the many reasons we love it. Whether you've seen it before or not, it's definitely worth watching for the 1990s nostalgia alone. 

Check out a preview of the movie below


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